Clear Foot B5002K02A-E for Babylock Overlock (BLE3ATW-CLF)
Presser Foot

Clear Foot B5002K02A-E for Babylock Overlock (BLE3ATW-CLF)

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Clear Foot B5002K02A-E for Babylock Overlock (BLE3ATW-CLF)

  • Original parts for Babylock models:
    • Eclipse(BLE1DX-2)
    • Imagine (BLE1AT-2)
    • Enlighten (BLE3ATW-2)
    • Imaginewave (BLEATW)
  •  Part No. B5002K02A (BLE3ATW-CLF)
  • Use this foot for better visibility when attaching ribbon and lace or guiding lightweight decorative stitching.
  • The raised guidelines on the foot ensure that you stitch with accuracy.
  • This foot is perfect for decorative construction.
  • Place fabric under the presser foot directly below the needle 
  • Lower the presser foot 
  • Start to sew slowly 
  • The next seam can be started at the toe of the presser foot . ypu only need to raise and lower the presser foot when working with  thick fabric or when precise positioning is requried .


  • Be careful not to push or pull the fabric .
  • The imagine wave will feed the fabric evenly without without help. 


  • Insert tape or ribbon into the slot in the front of the foot , then under the sole of the foot .
  • The raised marking  on the toe of the foot are needle position guides for decorative techniques .

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