Bernina 350PE Sewing Machine
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Bernina 350PE Sewing Machine

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Bernina 350PE Premium Sewing Machine

Stylish sewing from the first stitch to the last from BERNINA 350PE Machine.

  • Warranty :2 years electric and 5 years on parts and accessories
  • Training : FREE 365 Days Walk-in Machine Operating Training

    The Bernina 350PE is wide range of functions, ultimate ease in handling: BERNINA's young model for ambitious beginners. Patchwork Edition (PE) is the most affordable quilter's machine and comes equipped with features and accessories quilters will love.

    Special Edition machines are not just beautiful on the outside, but all BERNINA on the inside! It's full-sized computer sewing machine which has 191 stitching programs and an LCD screen



    Bernina 300 seriesBernina 300 series

    Extension Table For Larger Work Area

    • The BERNINA 350 PE counts among its features a free-arm extension table enabling you to increase your work area quickly, affording you greater ease when sewing, and allowing for optimum control in guiding your project. Together with the bright LED sewing light, this provides you with the perfect view of your project. Large-format projects in particular can be handled effortlessly  and once you are done, remove the BERNINA 350 PE extension table with the push of a button to return to free-arm sewing.

    High-Precision Automatic Buttonhole Function

    • Sew buttonholes with precise accuracy! With the BERNINA 350 PE automatic buttonhole function, it could hardly be simpler: the preset buttonhole length is stored in the internal memory, letting you sew buttonholes of the exact same length as often as you wish. Here the BERNINA 350 PE solves a difficult problem, since sewing identical buttonholes can be a bit tricky. With the BERNINA 350 PE, broken bobbin thread or buttonholes of different lengths are things of the past: the automatic buttonhole function gives you perfect results in no time flat. The BERNINA 350 PE gives you a choice of two permanently programmed buttonhole styles to ensure that even beginners simply and nearly effortlessly achieve optimal results that will stand up to the most critical scrutiny.

    Memory Function with 30 Storage Locations

    • The BERNINA 350 PE makes room for your personal creativity: its memory offers space for the permanent storage of up to 30 stitch-pattern combinations. This means you need reprogram your personal stitch-pattern combinations each time  the long-term memory of the 350 PE ensures that they re immediately available the next time you turn on your machine. The direct-selection keys let you access the saved stitches in no time flat  this saves time and increases your enjoyment, allowing you to reuse your own personal favorite combinations or most frequently used stitches effortlessly and whenever you feel like it. This memory functionality of the BERNINA 350 PE offers a premium touch that is by no means a given in entry-level models  Swiss quality, designed with attention to detail.

     115 Stitches for every occassion

    • One of the most compelling arguments in favor of the BERNINA 350 PE is its extensive stitch library: 85 pre-programmed stitches, making the 350 PE a versatile precision tool. The direct-selection function and modern, bright LCD display allow you to switch between different stitch patterns in a matter of seconds. With 20 utility stitches, two buttonhole stitches, a full 52 decorative stitches, and 11 quilting stitches, the BERNINA 350 PE is an outstanding choice for everyday mending jobs and alterations, as well as creative sewing and quilting. The simple, intuitive handling, first-class functionality, and solid construction of the BERNINA 350 PE ensure that you will continue to enjoy working with this machine for a long time to come  even when you make the transition from simple to more demanding projects.


    Included Accessories for BERNINA B350 PE

    Blindstitch foot # 5


    Blindstitch foot #5 is designed for sewing blind hems on all fabric thicknesses for a barely-visible finish.

    Blindstitch foot # 5


    Blindstitch foot #5 is designed for sewing blind hems on all fabric thicknesses for a barely-visible finish.

    Foot control


    Control the sewing speed easily by pressing the foot control.

    Free-Hand System (FHS) / Presser foot lifter


    The Free-Hand System (FHS) / Presser foot lifter lets you raise the presser foot and lower the feed dog with your knee. Recommended particularly for appliqué or any project requiring pivoting and getting bulky projects under the presser foot easily.

    Open embroidery foot # 20


    Open embroidery foot #20 is ideal for decorative stitching with your sewing machine. The indentation in the sole of the presser foot allows it to glide smoothly over dense stitches.

    Patchwork foot # 37

    PATCHWORK FOOT #37.jpg

    Patchwork foot # 37 features engraved markings for all your ¼” needs. The straight stitch opening is ideal for patchwork and precision sewing.

    Reverse pattern foot # 1


    Reverse pattern foot # 1 is the ideal presser foot for sewing forward and reverse-feed utility and decorative stitches.

    Slide-on free-arm table for ultimate sewing comfort


    Extend your sewing surface with the Slide-on Table to support your large projects. Easily remove it when using only the free arm is desired, such as for sewing small tubular projects.

    Three-sole walking foot #50 with seam guide


    Triple sole walking foot #50 with seam guide is an indispensable aid when sewing difficult fabrics.

    Zipper foot # 4

    ZIPPER FOOT #4.jpg

    Thanks to its narrow, centrally positioned toe, Zipper foot # 4 can stitch very close to the zipper coils, allowing it to sew the zipper on neatly.


    Metal bobbins for BERNINA 350PE
    • Four different versions of the BERNINA bobbin are available. The metal bobbins can be used on all BERNINA sewing machines apart from the 7 Series and 8 Series.
    Cordonnet bobbin case for CB hook machines BERNINA 350PE
    • The special BERNINA cordinnet bobbin case for CB hook machines is ideally suited for sewing with thicker threads, such as cordinnet threads, that cannot fit through the eye of a needle.

    Bernina Home Machine Accessories & Parts

    Dimensions (length, depth, height):
    37cm x 17cm x 30cm

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