Brother V1E - Innovis V1E - Brother High-end Embroidery Machine
Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother V1E - Innovis V1E - Brother High-end Embroidery Machine

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  • This ultimate creative partner brings you optimum performance in embroidery, sewing, quilting and crafting. Powered by your imagination and engineered for those who desire innovation including a number of groundbreaking features.
  • Boasting a three-dimensional look and larger space, a simple touch of the stylus and the touch screen offers the brightest rendered images imaginable eye Intelligent Eye Technology and Up-close Viewer give a bird's eye view of the needle area. This industry first is like having a built-in camera above the needle plate. With instant magnification featured on the LCD display, sewing, embroidery, quilting and crafting have never been more exact.
  • Embroider with perfection, sew with unlimited creativity, quilt with ease and craft with brilliance all on the Brother Quattro Innov-IS 6000D / V1e.
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Brother V1E - Innovis V1E Features


Embroidery Features

  • Sewing, quilting and decoration stitches crafting with embroidery function
  • 1852 Bulti-in stitch Number
  • 761 Built-in Embroidery patterns including 160 Disney patterns.
  • Embroidery speed ( Max) speed up to 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Max embroidery area of 200mm x 300mm
  • one of the largest embroidery fields in the industry (nearly 12 x 7 inches) plus the world's first triple lighting system for ideal illumination of the working area.
  • USB interface - computer connectivity
  • 2 USB Ports - external memory connectivit
  • Extra large touch screen - Simply touch the screen to select embroidery patterns, stitches, powerful editing, select embroidery patterns, stitches, powerful editing functions, help and video tutorials.
  • Exclusive Innov-IS Eye Technology and Up-close Viewer The LCD display shows a real time magnified view of the needle area for ultimate precision as well as Innov-IS Eye Technology for sensing edge sewing and other advanced features
  • 50 square inches of work space - 10 inches to the right of the needle and 5 inches of height accommodate your largest quilts
  • Crafting Intricacy Exclusive Print and Stitch Technology Add spark to crafting projects such as paper punching, scrapbooking embellishments or printed images with 3D embroidery designs


  • Utility Stitch
  • Buttonhole Sewing
  • Auto Threading System
  • Speed Control Lever

Embroidery Features

Embroidery Speed (Max)

  • 1000spm

Embroidery Area (Max)

  • 200 x 300mm

Build-in Embroidery Design

  • 433

Built-in Disney Patterns

  • 158

On Screen Editing

  • Yes


  • 2 Host, 1 Slave

Jump Stitch & Wiper Function

  • Yes

Camera Function

  • Yes



  • Embroidery Sewing Machine

Bobbin Type

  • Horizontal

Needle Threader

  • Yes (Full Auto)

Thread Cutter

  • Yes

Sewing Light

  • 8 LED

Sewing Speed

  • 1000spm

Thread Tension Control

  • Auto

Quick-set bobbin

  • Yes

F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System

  • Yes (Separate Drive)

LCD Display Screen

  • Yes


  • Soft cover

Wide Table

  • Yes (Embroidery Unit)

Sewing Features

Stitch Number

  • 1852

Stitch Pattern Selection

  • LCD Touch Screen

Stitch Width (Max)

  • 7mm

Stitch Width Control

  • Digital Touch Screen

Stitch Length Control

  • Digital Touch Screen

Buttonhole Sewing

  • Auto

Number of Buttonholes

  • 10

Drop Feed

  • Yes

Feed Dog

  • 7 Point

Knee Lifter

  • Yes

My Custom Stitch

  • Yes

Side feeding

  • Yes

Number of Fonts

  • 13 font

Dimension / Weight


  • 368 x 361 x 170.5mm


Brother V1E - Innovis V1E Highlights

There are so many wonderful functions and benefits to discover:

  • An ultra fast processing speed to let you find, edit and preview your designs quicker than ever.
  • A new natural lighting system to illuminate your projects in their true bright colours, across the whole sewing area.
  • An expansive workspace, plus an embroidery attachment.
  • Continuous Automatic Pressure Sensor (ICAP S) which continuously detects the fabric thicknesses while sewing, and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure for precise, even stitching throughout your project.


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