Brother NV980K - Hello Kitty 2-in-1 Embroidery & Sewing
Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother NV980K - Hello Kitty 2-in-1 Embroidery & Sewing

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 Brother model: NV980K

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  • This new Hello Kitty Innov-IS 980K is newly an new addition to the Innov-IS line up. It is newly launched in Singapore first .The personal sewing and embroidery machine incorporates the latest technology to make the designing and creating experience simpler than ever. Creating an inspired and unique piece has never been so easy
  • The Innov-IS-NV980K is an amazing sewing and embroidery machine that you will be delighted to have. The Innov-is 980K (NV 980K) is designed for those who love to have HELLO KITTY embroidery patterns, embroider other pattterns as well as to sew.
  • 54 Built-in Exquisite Hello Kitty Embroidery patterns
  • 196 embroidery patterns ( including 126 embroidery patterns on a CD
  • 129 Utility and decoration stitches
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Automatic Needle Threading


    Automatic Needle Threading

    • Follow the guidance and thread the needle with just a finger.
    Accessory Case
    • Keep all your accessories together for convenient storage and organisation
    Complete Freedom in Your Layout
    • You can move the embroidery pattern within the embroidery frame to create the perfect layout while using the LCD to check your work
    Automatic Reinforcement, Programmed Thread Cutting
    • When you select this feature, the machine automatically does a reverse stitch and reinforcement stitch, then cuts the upper and lower thread when finished
    Automatic Thread Cutter
    • Cut the upper and lower thread with just the press of a button. No need for scissors.

    Super Bright LED Light

    • Illuminate your work area for as long as you want Óthe super bright LED never gets hot.

    Embroidery Features

    Embroidery Speed (Max)

    • 400spm

      Embroidery Area (Max)

      • 100 x 100mm

        Build-in Embroidery Design

        • 70 + 126(CD)

          Built-in Fonts

          • 6

            On Screen Editing

            • Yes


              • Yes (Host)

                Embroidery Card Slots

                • Yes

                  Needle number for Embroidery

                  • 1

                    LCD display screen dimensions (inch)

                    • 71 x 38 (2.7 x 1.4)


                      • Computerised and Embroidery Sewing Machine

                      Bobbin Type

                      • Horizontal

                        Needle Threader

                        • Yes (Advance)

                          Thread Cutter

                          • Yes

                            Sewing Light

                            • LED

                              Foot controller

                              • Yes

                                Start Stop Button

                                • Yes

                                  Thread Tension Control

                                  • Auto

                                    Quick-set bobbin

                                    • Yes

                                      F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System

                                      • Yes

                                        Touch Panel LCD

                                        • Yes

                                          LCD Display Screen

                                          • Yes

                                            Software upgrade

                                            • Yes


                                              • Hard Case

                                                Wide Table

                                                • Yes

                                                  Sewing Features

                                                   Stitch Number

                                                  • 129

                                                    Stitch Pattern Selection

                                                    • LCD Touch Screen

                                                      Stitch Width Control

                                                      • Digital Touch Screen

                                                        Stitch Length Control

                                                        • Digital Touch Screen

                                                          Buttonhole Sewing

                                                          • Auto

                                                            Number of Buttonholes

                                                            • 10

                                                              Drop Feed

                                                              • Yes

                                                                Feed Dog

                                                                • 7 Point

                                                                   Dimension / Weight

                                                                  Packing Dimension

                                                                  •  510mm x 450mm x 380mm

                                                                   Gross Weight

                                                                    • 12.6 kg

                                                                  SEWING ACCESSORIES

                                                                  •     Consumable ID        Accessories  
                                                                    • F001N           1/4" Piecing Foot
                                                                    • F002N          Narrow Hemmer Foot (7mm)
                                                                    • F004N         Concealed Zipper Foot 
                                                                    • F005N         Plastic Quilting Foot 
                                                                    • F007N         Teflon Foot (Hor)
                                                                    • F012N          Gathering Foot
                                                                    • F013N          Cording Foot
                                                                    • F014N           Binder Foot
                                                                    • F016N           Quilting Guide
                                                                    • F017N            Blind Stitch Foot (Hor)
                                                                    • F019N5          Hole Cording Foot
                                                                    • F020N7          Hole Cording Foot
                                                                    • F021N             Braiding Foot
                                                                    • F023N             Clear-view Foot (Hor)
                                                                    • F025N              Fringe Foot
                                                                    • F028N              Pearl and Sequins Foot
                                                                    • F033N               Walking Foot 7mm (Hor)
                                                                    • F036N                Zipper and Piping Foot
                                                                    • F039N                 Picot Foot 7mm
                                                                    • F042N                 Straight Stitch Foot (7mm)
                                                                    • F053                     Zigzag Foot Low 
                                                                    • F054                      Sidecutter
                                                                    • F056                       Edge Joining Foot
                                                                    • F057N                    1/4" Piecing Foot With Guide
                                                                    • F0587                     Groove Pintuck Foot
                                                                    • F059P                      in Tuck Foot
                                                                    • F060                         Metal Open Toe Foot
                                                                    • F061                         Open Toe Quilting Foot
                                                                    • F062                         Open Toe Walking Foot
                                                                    • F063                          Vertical Stitching Alignment Foot
                                                                    • BCL                            Bobbin Clip Set
                                                                    • CIRC1                       Circular Attachment


                                                                  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

                                                                  Ask the Gurus
                                                                  • May I know is Brother NV 980K model sew Alphabets ? A-Z ?

                                                                    Yes. Brother NV980K can sew alphabets A-Z with font stitches & embroidery stitches.