Brother PR-650e - 6-Needles Embroidery Machine
Embroidery Machine

Brother PR-650e - 6-Needles Embroidery Machine

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Brother PR-650e - 6-Needles Embroidery Machine

  •  Its easy to achieve professional results with the compact PR-650e embroidery machine.
  • Whether you are a keen hobbyist, or run your own business, Brother's PR-650e gives you the power and technology of a commercial embroidery machine, yet is incredibly easy to use.This innovative machine is compact enough to fit in your home and portable enough to take on the road. Best of all, its attractive price makes it possible for you to realise big dreams with a small investment.
  • The PR-650e incorporates all the user friendly features you'd expect to find in any of the Brother home embroidery machine range, together with the speed and finish of a commercial model, making it ideal for those thinking of starting a home based embroidery business. The wide-angle HD LCD display offers vivid, crystal-clear clarity, rendering the brightest images imaginable. View high resolution design previews almost instantly - nearly three times faster than our previous models! Most importantly, you will find the PR-650e incredibly easy to use.


Easy embroidering with 6 needles :
  • Embroider multicolor designs quickly and easily with 6 different thread spools. This helps you embroider faster and increase production capability..

    3 usb ports :

    •  New high speed port for fast design transfers from your USB memory stick and USB external hard drive.A second port for machine peripherals.A third port for computer connectivity and future upgrades.

      Large full color 4.5" x 7" HD LCD touch screen:

      •  Easily edit and see your entire embroidery creation on a single screen with 160mm horizontal and 140mm vertical range. Intuitive commands and a built-in Quick Reference Guide make the control panel easy to use and quick to learn.

        Improved lighting during embroidery :

        •  on/off button on the control panel allows for greater control of light while embroidery

          Cylinder arm

          • The cylinder arm makes it easier than ever to embroider items such as caps, tote bags, sleeves, pant legs, shirt pockets and socks.

            Design memory retention :

            • Your designs are retained in memory after the machine is shut off.

              Automatic color changing and thread trimmer:

              •  The automatic color change feature allows you to pre-program the correct thread color sequence for the entire design. The upper and lower automatic thread trimmers mean no time-consuming trimming after the embroidery is complete.

                Embroidery speed variable, 400 to 1,000 stitches per minute:

                •  Saves time when embroidering large projects, lower speed for specialty threads.

                  Eight-sided design trace:

                  •  Automatic, eight-sided design trace gives you more accurate design placement. A feature exclusive to Brother.
                    Thread sensor:
                    •  Detects when the upper thread and bobbin thread runs out or breaks.

                      Thread wiper:

                      •  Pulls the thread tail back and out of the way for embroidery sewing.

                        Formats read :

                        • , DST, PHC

                          Touch screen technology expands responsiveness

                          • Touch the screen to make selections or move motifs quickly and reliably. Zoom key instantly shows results of your actions.
                            Customize designs on screen :
                            •  Powerful customizing capabilities include arranging text, pattern rotation in one-degree increments, changing design size and the ability to combine designs and add lettering to your designs.

                              300mm x 200mm (approx. 12" x 8") embroidery area

                              • Conveniently fill the whole area at one time without re-framing. Use one oversized design or use the Edit function to combine embroidery fonts, frames and designs.

                                                               Consider what it would be like to transform everyday items into custom embroidery.

                                                              • Embroider caps, athletic bags and shirts for local sports teams
                                                              • Monogram shirts and uniforms for businesses
                                                              • Personalize baby blankets, bibs and diaper bags
                                                              • Monogram towels, robes and napkins for wedding or anniversary gifts
                                                              • Create an endless variety of unique and profitable gift items
                                                              • The business possibilities are endless with the PR-650 embroidery machine.

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