Brother ScanNCut - CM900 Scan and Cut Machine
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Brother ScanNCut - CM900 Scan and Cut Machine

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Brother ScanNCut - CM900  Scan and Cut Machine

Warranty: One year Carry-in warranty + FREE 365 Days in-house Training 

Brother ScanNCut - CM900 The World's First Home & Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner Cut paper or fabric and let you're run wild. Your creativity with no limit. Now, you can cut paper or fabric without using scissors and craft knives. Cut delicate lace patterns, complex shapes, letters, and even hand-drawn images by electronic cutting plotter to cut. It allows to scan the images including free hand drawings and cut directly. Not only that, machine comes with 6 colours pen set for drawing any designs by machine instead of cutting.

Brother Scan N Cut CM900 is best to perfect for your creative craft to a whole new level! Featured with 1,102 built-in designs including 140 quilt patterns and 15 fonts express your freedom creativity and indulge in the joy of making your own work of art. It allows you to edit and combine within built-in designs and fonts; also you will have free software for external designs and direct connect using USB thumb drive or free WIFI from your computer!

Revolutionary home craft machine complete with a built-in scanner to transform your images into one of a kind project designs, with high quality Brother Scan and Cut Accessories; Impressive 12 x 24inch scanning capability with RGB colour recognition for versatile, vibrant results; So simple to use, with signature ScanNCut blades to create shapes using a wide variety of materials and Brother Scan and Cut Mats. No unsightly cables with Wireless LAN for seamless connection.

    Key Features For Brother CM900

    • Extra large 4.8" LCD touch screen (30% larger than other models) for ease of use
    • Object readable capacity up to 500 (up from 300 on other models) 
    • 1,102 built-in designs including 140 quilt patterns and 15 fonts
    • Touch pen & Spatula storage tray
    • 300 dpi built-in scanner
    • Scan your design and save it as a cut or draw file
    • World's first home and hobby cutting machine with built-in scanner
    • Scan virtually anything - from drawings to photos
    • No design cartridges or PC required
    • On-screen editing features-rotating, welding and resizing
    • 12''X24'' wide scanning and cutting area for large projects.
    • SVG data readability - Support of a universal design file format
    • PES and PHC data readability - Works in total harmony with embroidery machines
    • Plus it's wireless network ready! 

    Specifications for Brother CM900

    Built-in Scanner
    300 DPI Built-in Scanner with RGB Recognition to create your own cut files.
    Wireless Network Ready
    Transfer Files or connect directly to ScanNCut Canvas.
    Free editing software :
    Large Scanning Area
    12" x 12" Scanning
    12" x 24" Scanning
    PES + and SVG Data Readability
    Reads PES and PHC files containing applique' stitch data.
    Stand Alone
    Over 1,000 Built-in Designs and 15 Built-in Fonts
    Easy Data Transfer
    Not only can you save cut data to the machine's memory and USB memory stick, but you can now connect and transfer an FCM cut file to your PC via USB.

    Included Accessories for Brother CM900

    • Standard Cut Blade Holder
    • Standard Cut Blade
    • Touch Pen and Spatula Stand
    • Spatula
    • Standard Mat 12''x12''
    • Mid-Tack Adhesive Mat 12''x12''
    • 6 Colour Pen Set
    • 2 Type Erasable Pen Set
    • Pen Holder
    • 2 High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheets
    • 2 Iron-On Fabric Applique Contact Sheets
    • Touch Pen

    Optional Accessories for Brother Scan N Cut CM900

    • Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 12” [CAMATP12] 
    • Middle Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 12” [CAMATM12]
    • Standard Mat 12” x 12”  [CAMATF12]
    • Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 24” [CAMATP24]
    • Middle Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 24” [CAMATM24]
    • Standard Mat 12” x 24”  [CAMATF24]
    • Scanning Mat 12” x 12” [CAMATS12]
    • Standard Cut Blade [CABLDP1]
    • Deep Cut Blade  [CABLDF1]
    • Scanning Mat 12” x 24” [CAMATS24]
    • Standard Cut Blade Holder [CAHLP1] 
    • Deep Cut Blade Holder [CAHLF1]
    • 6 Color Pen Set [CAPEN1]
    • Erasable Pen Set [CAPEN2]
    • Pen Holder  [CAPENHL1]
    • Universal Pen Holder [CAUNIPHL1]
    • Iron-on Fabric Applique Contact sheet [CASTBL1]
    • High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet [CASTBL2]
    • No.1 Quilt Pattern Collection [CAUSB1]
    • No.2 Applique Pattern Collection [CAUSB2] 
    • No.3 Home-Deco Pattern Collection  [CAUSB3]
    • No.4 3D Paper Craft Pattern Collection [CAUSB4]
    • Stencil Sheet [CASTCL1]
    • Rhinestone Starter Kit [CARSKIT1]
    • Rhinestone Sheet Set [CARSSH1]
    • Rhinestone Transfer Sheets  [CARSTS1]
    • Printable Sticker Starter Kit [CAPSKIT1]
    • Printable Sticker Sheet Set [CAPSS1]
    • Mini Printable Sticker Sheet Set  [CAPSSMINI1]
    • Stamp Starter Kit [CASTPKIT1]
    • Stamp Sheets [CASTPS1]


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