Clear Curving Foot / M0-36062
Presser Foot

Clear Curving Foot / M0-36062

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  • Vendor:Babylock

Clear Curve Foot for Overlock & Cover-stitch

Original parts for Babylock model:
    BLE8W, BLE8 and BLE5-3.
  • Use for Chain/Cover stitch. The entire presser foot is all clear.
    • Since this curving foot is short and has a flat sole, it is good for stitching curves and sewing over cross seams.
    • The curving foot's short size is also good for sewing around cuffs, necklines and children's wear using the cover stitches.
    • Its tape slot is wide enough for attaching reinforcement tape, such as twill tape at the shoulder seams, using very little effort.
    • Notes:
      • This curving foot does not work with using the differential feed while sewing
      • Also this foot will not produce chain-off using the chain stitch.

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