Hirose Rotary Hook - HSH-7.94BTR(491)
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Hirose Rotary Hook - HSH-7.94BTR(491)

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Hirose Rotary Hook - HSH-7.94BTR(491)

  • For heavy duty.
  • Industrial lockstitch.
  • Used for models:
    • Brother S-7200B, S-7200C, S-7200DD
    • Juki DDL-8700N, DDL-9000A, DDL-9000B-SS, DLM-5400N-7, DLM-5410N-7, DLU-5940N-7
    • Mitsubishi LS2-1180M1T, LS2-1280M1T, LS2-1380M1T, LS2-1780M1TW
    • Sunstar KM-235A
    • Unicorn LS2-H5100(M), H5150M, H5200, H5300
    • Baoma GC128-MD
    • Gemsy 8900-7
    • Highlead GC188-MCD, GC1918-MDZ, GC1928-MDZ
    • Jack JK-8900D, JK-8995DY-3SS, JK-8991DYN
    • Kingtex KL-300M-A
    • Protex TY-B211-413
    • Shanggong GC-30-4-5D, GC555-4-5D
    • Singer 691D
    • Zoje ZJ5580-5-D3, ZJ8500-D3, JZ8850-5-D3, ZJ9701, ZJ9800A-D3B

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