Embroidery Machine for Rent : Janome MB4 : 4-Needle Embroidery Machine (Rental for Event/Roadshow Only)
Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine for Rent : Janome MB4 : 4-Needle Embroidery Machine (Rental for Event/Roadshow Only)

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  • Vendor:Janome
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åÊJanome MB4 : Seven-Needle Embroidery Machine (Made in Japan)

Embroidery Machine for Rent : Janome MB4åÊ- 4-Needles Embroidery Machine

  • Rental Fee : $800 PeråÊEvent (Per 3 days) or $0.12 per 1,000 Stitches (Whichever is Higher)
Rental Items Amount
Rental Fee PeråÊEvent (or Part There Off) or Per 1,000 Stitches Count $800 /åÊEvent (Up to 3-days) or
$0.12 / 1,000 Stitches
( Whichever is Higher)
Onsite Demo + Setup Fee (as per request)
  • 1st Hour : $100/hour
  • Subsequent Hour : $40/hour

  • $100 / 1st hour
  • $40 / Sub-hour

Onsite Service + Delivery

  • 1-Way Transport $30
  • 2-Way Transport $90
  • Service Charge $45 / hour
$30 / 1-Way Transport
$90 / 2-Way Transport
$45 per hour / On-site Service
Deposit Per Set (Compulsory)
  • Refundable Upon Return of Machine with Reasonable Wear & Tear

$3,000 / Deposit


Consumable Items (Items to be purchased)

Rental Items Amount
Embroidery Scissor 1 $12.60 / Unit
Embroidery Bobbin Threads (1,100 m per roll) 1 $7.80 / Unit

Embroidery Thread (300 m per roll)åÊ

6 $3.00 / Unit
Marking Pen with Eraser 1 $2.80 / Unit
Unidirectional Stabilizer (Iron On) 5 $3.30 / Unit
Unidirectional Stabilizer (Tear Away) 5 $2.60 / Unit
Water SolubleåÊStabilizer (Fabric) 5 $6.00 / Unit
Water Soluble Stabilizer (Film) 5 $5.50 / Unit


åÊNotes :

  1. Prices Quoted are before GSTåÊ

Model : Janome MB4 Four Needles Embroidery Machine
Status : Used Embroidery Machine
Condition : Tip-top Condition





    Wide Table Unvailable
    Threads Singer Thread
    Bobbins Available
    Footers Available

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