Juki HZL-80HP Mid Range Computerized Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-80HP Mid Range Computerized Sewing Machine

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Juki HZL-80HP Mid Range Computerized Sewing Machine

No matter what or where you are sewing, the compact size of the JUKI HZL-80HP-A allows you to whisk it away from room to room, to a sewing class, or easily store in a shelf. The JUKI HZL-80HP-A is also a computer controlled machine that allows you to select with the push of a button 197 sewing patterns, 1 font and 7 butthole options.

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Juki HZL-80HP Features

Juki HZL-80HP is Durable & Long Lasting Sewing Machine. Include 197 sewing patterns with additional 1 font of letters, inspires your creative function with beautiful stitches. Sew comfortably using functions automatic needle threader, start/stop button, reverse and reinforcement stitch, and direct pattern selection. Sew Firm! Use the needle up/down to avoid your thread stuck at the tension.

The Juki HZL-80HP is designed to bring out your inner fashionista and home decorating extraordinaire. This machine has a huge built-in stitch inventory, including unique decorative and monogramming stitches. No need to fuss with special cards or downloads. The solid core and reliable engineering ensure you'll be able know durable and long lasting for home-use. It is a power horse that can sew thick material.

Presser Foot Pressure Adjustable for thin and thick fabric, Sew Both Letters and Patterns with Memory, Quick Reference Plate. 


    Juki HZL-80HP Highlights

    Key Feature and Specification for Juki HZL-80HP

    • Auto Needle-Threader
    • Start/Stop Button
    • Reverse Stitch, Reinforcement Stitch
    • Direct Pattern Selection
    • Needle Up/Down Button
    • Free Arm
    • Drop in Bobbin
    • Drop Feed
    • Easy toStart Sewing Thick Fabric
    • Button Sewing
    • Sewing Speed : Max 800 stitch per minute 
    • With 197 sewing patterns including 1 font of letters
    • Sewing Speed: Max. 800 s.p.m.
    • Stitch Length: Max. 4.5mm
    • Zigzag Width: Max. 7mm
    • Needle: HA x1 #9-#18
    • Dimensions: 400 (W) x 290 (H) x 188 (D) mm
    • Weight: 5.8kg (Machine only)
    • Hook: Horizontal Rotary Hook


    Specification :

    • Sew Firm Use the needle up/down position feature to change your needle stop position instantly. Use your included buttonhole accessory to automatically sew button holes according to the size of the button. Using thick fabrics? Use the adjustable Presser Foot Pressure knob to fine tune your fabric feeding.
    • Last but not least the Juki HZL-80HP-A computerized sewing machine is easy to use! You can change the size of stitch patterns as well as needle positions. You can sew both letters and patterns, and with the quick release reference plate you can choose your favorite stitch with ease.

    Product Features

    Auto Needle-Threader
    The needle threader easily threads the needle and allows you to start sewing quickly.

    Start/Stop Button

    • The color of the Start/Stop button indicates the status of the machine.
    • [Green] Ready to start or while sewing
    • [Red] Not ready to start
    • [Orange] In bobbin winding condition

    Reverse Stitch, Reinforcement Stitch

    • HZL-H series can sew a lock stitch at the beginning and end of sewing. There are two types of lock stitch, reverse stitch and reinforcement stitch.

    Direct Pattern Selection

    • There are 10 types of stitch patterns, from which you can choose one by directly pushing the pattern button.

    Needle Up/Down Button

    • Press the button to change up/down position of needle instantly. Also you can change needle stop position and can even sew a half stitch.


    • HZL-H series sews the buttonhole automatically according to the size of the button.

    Presser Foot Pressure

    • When sewing thin or thick fabrics, you can get comfortable feed.

    The Current Setting is Very Visible

    • You can change the size of stitch patterns as well as the needle positions.

    Letters and One Point Stitch Patterns

    • HZL-80 series can sew both letters and patterns. Also you can memory letters and one unit of the pattern as you desire.

    Quick Reference Plate 


    Juki HZL-80HP Accessories and Parts

    Included Accessories for Juki HZL-80HP

    • Standard Presser Foot
    • Zipper Foot
    • Decorate Stitch Foot
    • Overcasting Foot
    • Blind Stitch Foot
    • Button Sewing Foot
    • Buttonhole Foot
    • Seam Ripper/ Brush
    • Screwdriver(S) Screwdriver(L-shape)
    • Auxiliary Spool Pin
    • Bobbin(3x)
    • Quilt Guide
    • Spool Cap(Large)
    • Spool Cap(Small)
    • Spool Pin Felt
    • Pack of Needles(3x)

    Download File:

    Download Juki HZL-80HP Brochure

    Download Juki HZL-80HP Instruction Manual

    Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

    Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.


    Juki HZL-80HP Review

    The Juki HZL-80HP provides a good selection of stitches and definitely one of the most intuitive stitch selection process among all of the machine. Simple touch and select and voila, you are on your way to sewing. The machine excels in all of the basic functions although experienced sewists might crave for more. It is a highly-recommended machine for beginners!


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