Juki HZL-F600 High-end Sewing & Quilting Machine
Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-F600 High-end Sewing & Quilting Machine

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Juki HZL-F600 High-end Sewing & Quilting Machine

Exceed your sewing and quilting expectations with the F600 Quilt and Pro Special! The Quilt and Pro Special comes equipped with 225 stitches, including 16 professional buttonholes, 4 lettering fonts, and a huge selection of included accessories.

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Juki HZL-F600 Features

Juki HZL-F600 is an industrial grade sewing machine for home-user. Guaranteed the best deal in town for this Juki HZL-F600

Juki HZL-F600 has all the features that you need whether you are general sewing or professional sewist.

It super easy to use and user friendly even for unskilled user. Exceed your expectations by combing power, quality stitch and reliability with all the useful features even a pro will love. The stitch quality results are professional with the sleek, easy to operate, multi functional design developed for superior quilting, home decor to garment construction too.

    Key Features and Specification for Juki HZL-F600

    • 255 Sewing Patterns and 4 Fonts
    • (Large variety of patterns and stitches - decorative/utility/alphabet)
    • Number of Buttonholes: 16
    • Automatic needle threading
    • Automatic thread trimming
    • Large LCD display (33mm x 66mm) and easy pattern selection
    • Highest quality industrial style button holes - 16 types
    • Large, wide, work surface (8" wide x 12-1/4" long) 4" larger then the average workspace
    • Easy Threading from the seated position
    • Exclusive automatic thread trimming by heel motion of foot pedal
    • High speed sewing up to 900 spm
    • Durable quilting foot and quilt guide
    • Precision feeding system
    • Precise and immediate needle stop
    • Exclusive bobbin winder
    • 2 LED lights for illumination
    • Reliable, stable and quiet running
    • Sewing Speed: 900 spm
    • Needle type: 130R / 705H
    • Max. Zig Zag Width: 7mm
    • Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
    • Presser Foot Lift: Manual
    • Adjustable Foot Pressure: Yes
    • Bobbin Type: 15 Class

    Juki HZL-F600 extra extended large table

        Verity Stitches

          • 225 built in stitches
          • 10 Direct Select Patterns
          • 23 Practical Patterns
          • 16 Buttonhole Patterns
          • 67 Decorative Quilt Patterns
          • Including 17 Juki Exclusive Random Stitch Patterns
          • 72 Decorative Patterns
          • 38 One Point Patterns
          • Elongation of Satin Patterns 1-5X
          • 4 Alphabets including
          • upper & lower case,
          • numbers, punctuation and European characters

          Juki HZL-F600 stitch patternsJuki HZL-F600 buttonhole stitches


          Juki HZL-F600 Highlights

          Useful Features for Juki HZL-F600

          Direct Pattern Selection:

          One touch pattern selection to quickly start your sewing adventure. Simply push a button to select from 10 of the most popular sewing patterns, including applique stitch and blanket stitch.
          The Keypad is set up similar to your cell phone allowing you to quickly select lettering.
          The LCD screen displays the stitch settings, patterns, and recommends the best presser foot to use.
          Need to adjust the stitch length or width? Just turn the dial and the new settings display on the screen.

          Electronic Buttonholes:

          The Juki Exceed series bring industrial style, perfectly balanced sensor buttonholes to home sewing.åÊ
          With 16 buttonhole styles to choose from,åÊyou'll always have the prefect buttonhole for any fabric.

          Adjustable Cutting Widths:

          Adjust the width of the buttonhole without increasing or decreasing the stitching size. This allows you to have thin or wide buttons, adjust buttonholes for thick or thin fabrics, and still have stable strong buttonholes.

          Quick Thread Bobbin Case:

          Inserting the bobbin into the bobbin case is fool-proof‰Û_just follow the clearly marked threading path and you are ready to sew.

          Independent Bobbin Winder:

          Allows you to sew and wind bobbins at the same time.
          And bobbin winding couldn't be easier! Put the bobbin in place, catch the thread on the base, and push the lever.

          Quick Threading System:

          The automatic needle threader, threads the needle with just the push of a lever.

          Exclusive Advanced Thread Trimming:

          The Exceed series allows you to trim top and bobbin threads three ways: With a push of a button, automatically programmed trims and with the Exclusive foot controlled trimming system. Just rock your heel back on the foot controller, and your thread is quickly and precisely cut.

          Complete Control and On-Board Guides:

          You have complete control with just a push of the button. This feature allows you to program the needle up/down position, program automatic thread trimming, program a pattern or pattern sequence to stitch once or multiple times, program the foot control trimming, set the contrast on the LCD screen, change the volume on the machine buzzer, select from 8 languages settings, and open the on-board sewing guide when you need a little help.

          Auto or Manual Tension Settings:

          With the Exceed series, tension settings are never a worry. You can use the Automatic Thread Tension or increase or decrease the tension to create different stitch effects. Perfect control is always just a turn of a dial away.

          Powerful Feeding:

          Thanks to a 7-point surgical steel feed dog system , the Exceed series can handle even the heaviest off projects with ease. The industrial style box-feed system means that heavy or light fabrics feed evenly and smoothly.

          Combine, Save and Recall:

          Combine decorative stitches or lettering into pattern sequences and save them to the machine memory. The Exceed allows you to save up to 70 patterns, in 10 memory folders! Recall your favorite patterns with a touch of a button!

          Perfect Needle and Stitch Placement:

          The Exceed series not only has variable needle positions which allow you to place the needle anywhere you desire, the Exceed series has a feature that allows you to move the position of a complete pattern without changing the width.
          Because the Exceed Series machines have the ability to change positions of the pattern, you can also taper zigzag stitching to the left, right or center for perfect applique, decorative sewing and more!

          Nothing Quilts Better Than a Juki:

          Juki's rich tradition in quilting continues with the Exceed Series of machines. Decorative stitches include stitches specifically for the crazy quilter.
          Hand Look Quilt Stitches:
          The Juki tension system handles invisible thread with ease so your hand look quilt stitches are formed perfectly each time. No tangles, no thread breaks, just beautifully formed stitches.

          Drop the Feed Dogs and Go:

          With just a flip of the switch, you can be creating free-motion quilting stitches or free-hand embroidery with ease.

          Sew with Confidence:

          The Exceed series has a Twin Needle setting so your stitch patterns are always the right size. You'll never worry about pattern widths or breaking needles again!

          Juki Home machine accessories & Parts

          Dimensions (mm): 445(W)x290(H)x210(D)
          Weight (machine): 9.8kg (21.6 lb)


              Juki HZL-F600 Accessories and Parts

              Standard Accessories

                • Standard Presser Foot
                • Zipper Presser Foot
                • Overcasting Presser Foot
                • Blind Stitch Presser Foot
                • Buttonhole Presser Foot
                • Button sewing Presser Foot
                • Edge Sewing Presser Foot / Overlock foot
                • Smooth Presser Foot
                • Open Toe Presser Foot
                • Patchwork Presser Foot
                • Walking Foot
                • Quilt Presser Foot
                • Seam Ripper
                • Twin Needles
                • Hard Case
                • Knee Lift Lever
                • 4 Bobbins
                • Eyelet Punch
                • Quilt Guide
                • Small, Medium, and Large Spool Caps
                • T-shape Screwdriver
                • Auxiliary Spool Pin

              Download File:

              Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.


              Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.



              Juki HZL-F600 Review

              The Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is a brilliant piece of engineering and human design. Its made to reflect the needs and habits of the more advanced sewer, and for those who take the time to figure out its peculiarities, the payoff will be great and guarantees professional, high-end results, for sure. The flip-side of this is, of course, is that the Juki HZL-F series won‰۪t be for everyone. It‰۪s a shiny piece of machinery, but we advise to carefully consider your own skill-levels before committing to this purchase. After all, it‰۪s not a small price tag and is a choice that might need a good night‰۪s sleep. But for those who are certain of what they‰۪re looking for‰ÛÓand know that the Juki HZL-F600 offers what they need‰ÛÓthen we can say with confidence: you won‰۪t be disappointed!


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