Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine (Made in China)
Bag Closing Machine

Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine (Made in China)

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New Long portable Bag Closer machine

Model:  NP-7A

The portable closer is equipped with a safety plastic handle for insulation.


  • Oil pump lubrication
  • High speed; 220~240 volt
  • Fixed stitch length of 3 stitches per inch
  • Adjustable tension for a tighter closure
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Plastic handle for insulation
  • Lightweight 12 lb. machine requires minimum maintenance
  • Made in China.

Optional Accessories

  • Use the Spring Balancer and Hanger to suspend Newlong NP-7A from ceiling
  • Complete with table stand and motor

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