Toyota SPF-17 : Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine

Toyota SPF-17 : Sewing Machine

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Toyota SPF-17 : Sewing Machine

  • Toyota was founded as a sewing machine company and expand into car manufacturing. You can expect the high quality sewing experience the same as the Toyota car. 


  • Built -in 17 stitch programmes with utility and decorative stitches
  • Rolled Hemming for most hemming needs
  • Quick Advisor
  • Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design:

  • Easy upper thread set up, Printed indications on body
  • Easy to see needle drop point 
  • Easy to use large dials, levers and wide sewing area
  • Easy to operate sewing machine by QA (Quick Adviser)
  • Extra-long Free-arm than Normal Machine


 Wide Table Unavailable
Threads Available
Bobbins Available
Footers Available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ask the Gurus
  • I have lost the instructions disc. Where can I get the manual?

    We don't have the manual for this. If you purchased the machine from us, you may visit us for training within 365 days for free. We charged a $20 per 30 minutes for the training of machine operations if you purchase elsewhere or your support is expired.