Traditional Sewing Machine Head; Singer Model 1515.
Traditional Machine

Traditional Sewing Machine Head; Singer Model 1515.

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Singer Brand Traditional Machine Head 15NL, the latest model being 1515.

  • Still, the traditional design that proves to serves its purpose of mending, stitching together and clothing our loved ones, for the longest time.
  • Single needle, Lockstitch function: looks too simple to own today. However, a closer look, reveals that 90% of the stitches on clothing, was put together by such Lockstitch formation.
  • The Singer 1515 is one of those models, that will deliver precisely the Lockstitch, that this is most widely required for the sewing industry.
  • Simple yet versatile, "Nothing is everything" that's where your creativity comes into play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ask the Gurus
  • Hi, I have an old traditional machine. The table is fine but i would like to change its head. Is it possible to get this done?

    Yes. You can fit the head into the table with ease. You can purchase the head and get it deliver (or collect) and make arrangement to get the sewing machine head installed.